Oil Extraction:

Modern bowling balls are designed to absorb oil, making them more reactive in the lane. Unfortunately, they may absorb too much oil, causing them to lose friction on the lane. After a period of time, you should take your ball in for professional oil extraction to clean out its pores and ensure its operating as intended.

It’s important to clean your ball after each and every use, to keep its pores open and free of dirt and debris. After a while, however, even the most well-cared for bowling ball will begin to have its pores clogged by oil and dust. That’s why it’s important to schedule periodic bowling ball resurfacing at Don Mitchell's Pro Shop

Your ball should be drilled to meet the measurements of your hand. This will balance the ball against the size and weight of your body, insuring that you’re able to throw with increased accuracy and precision. If you purchase a ball at Don Mitchell's Pro Shop, you will get he best ball drilling in Indianapolis, IN.!
Don Mitchell's Pro Shop, knows every bowler is different. That’s why we offer custom fitted bowling ball drilling and ball resurfacing. We can help you fit a bowling ball to your specific needs. Bowlers of all skill levels, ages and sizes can benefit from a bowling ball drilled to match the size of your fingers. Additionally, having a bowling ball resurfaced and de-oiled will allow you to fine-tune your skills and abilities, and make the most of the time you spend at the bowling alley.

Don Mitchell's Pro Shop, is one of the Indianapolis area’s premier providers of bowling products and services, offers several different types of bowling ball and equipment care. Here are just some of the ways Don Michell's Pro Shop can help you care for your bowling requirements.
Improve Your Game
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